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Smoke sauna

The two-room smoke sauna at the farm is based on a type of sauna that was prevalent on the island in the late 19th century. The heat source is situated along the right-hand side of the sauna, facing the door. The long bench spans the whole of the back wall. There is a sheltered area in front of the sauna and the low door takes you to the front room. Saunas with this layout became widespread across Estonia, with only the heating source and bench locations changing along with a few minor details. The Saaremaa smoke sauna has a characteristic flagstone wall behind the heat source and between the two rooms, improving fire safety.

Heating up the smoke sauna takes about 6 hours, after which it must be aired for one hour. The Smoke Sauna will take the perfect care of your body and soul.


Original Saaremaa sauna in the farmyard

Original Saaremaa sauna in the farmyard is aboriginally built around 1930’s, that was fully renovated recently. Guests, who stay in small log house, can enjoy that sauna as part of their accommodation.


Farmhouse sauna

In the farmhouse we have the genuine Saaremaa sauna, that guests in farmhouse first floor can enjoy as a part of their accommodation.