ilm Laugus


Laugu Holiday Resort main house was built from 1926 to 1929 by Meiuste parsons Johannes Juhani son Tammepõllu (before known as Uusmann). Separated 9.92 hectares of land from land of Laugu Manor was successfully bought by the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Estonia on September 15, 1930. The state allowed them to pay 180 kronas in lease (annual interest was 7%), where 4 kronas they had to pay immediately. The state also made possible for them to receive public debt 690 kronas (annual interest 4.5%) for 35 years, that was meant for investing in household. Additionally was given them also fishing port user right nr 40.

Johannes studied farming in school of Parasmetsa Manor, which was the reason they grown crops and had farm animals and birds. Farming was Johannes Tammepõllu’s family main activity and source of income. Side work was fishing. In the farmfield they had winter and summer rye, winter wheat, barley, linen, hay for animals, potatoes and vegetables such as cabbage, onion and carrots. Farmfield work was done by horse. Beside horse, they had sheeps, cows and chickens.

Today, the farm is no longer active as  traditional farm, but that view of history is opened for guests since 2010.