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Like Pieces on a Board

A Team Game – Like Pieces on a Board

“Like Pieces on a Board” is a new team game that can be played everywhere at anytime. Even in the dark or in a large parking lot. The players are pieces on a game board. The electronic game leader guides them in the landscape and poses questions. One does not need to run during the game, although the game is fast-moving and exciting.
Chance is less important in our game than in most board games, and usually, the smartest team wins. At the start, each team gets a game board and electronic game leader. There are 50 fields on the game board. As in all board games, the goal is to reach the finish first.
In order to get on the game board, the team throws a large dice. The team’s subsequent progress is determined by the knowledge and cleverness of the team members. Each correct answer moves the team forward and each wrong answer moves the team back. Ordinarily, in the case of a correct answer, one move forward three steps, and in the case of a wrong answer, one move back one step. However, there are also exceptions when the progress is much faster and vice versa. All the steps are displayed on the game board so that the team can compile an appropriate strategy.

The questions are multiple-choice. All questions have four possible answers, in the style of the “Millionaire” game. The team can choose the best path by answering correctly or incorrectly, as needed. Of course, only if they know the correct answer. When the team does not know the answer, the movement is usually the opposite of what is desired. The questions are about various topics and the topics are also displayed on the game board. In this way, the team members can establish a path that is best suited to them.

There lots of movement in the game.
In order to answer a question, the team must move to the location indicated by the electronic game leader. Each question is posed at a different location. The electronic game leader points one in the right direction and indicates the number of meters to the required location. At the right time, the electronic game leader poses the question and let’s the team answer. Depending on whether the answer was right or wrong, it tells the team which field it must move to and directs the team to the next location.

The game determines the winner.
The team who reaches the finish first wins. Once the game has been played for 1½ hours, the electronic game leader automatically directs the team to the finish. The team that wins is the one who has gotten to the furthest field. The winning team will receive a prize from us.

The game is nature-friendly.
As always with our adventure games, we do not leave anything behind in nature.

The game can be played anywhere.
The board game is designed so that it can be played even in very small spaces. Sometimes, a large pasture is the only space in a tourist farm and it seems that playing an adventure game is impossible. “Pieces on the Board” is ideal for such circumstances.
No writing is involved in the game. Darkness and rain do not interfere with the game.


The price for 10 people is 4000 EEK (ca 255 EUR)
Each additional person costs 200 EEK. (ca 13 EUR)

Price includes VAT 20%.
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